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In a world where everybody is battling for attention

how will you get noticed and stand out from the crowd?

Logo Design

Does your company need a new Face?

Your logo is the face of your business, and no one wants an ugly face. Its the first things a customer becomes familiar with and, for a new business, the first impression receives is crucial to how the business is perceived.

Without a doubt, Its the most recognisable part of your business image.

A great logo can truly be timeless. It can encapsulate your persona and provide the pivot of your brand. The logos that come out of our studio are carefully reasoned. They are not just made, they are crafted, with the ultimate aim of being memorable, long-lasting and intelligent.


We consider many things before we can start a logo

The creative process in 7 steps which will influence the finished logo to achieve the best results for your company.


Design Brief

We discuss the projects with our clients, get to know them & understand their company goals.



We delve deeper and do some market research on the company & its competitors.


Brainstorming & concepts

Sketching ideas on paper which allows us to examine all possible angles and direction.


Draft Production

Digital implementation using a vector based program to recreate the hand drawn sketches onto computer.


Step Back

We take a step back and get opinions from our in-house cre8iv team who give constructive feedback.


Client Feedback

The most effective options are presented to the client for consideration.



Completed files are passed on to our client in different formats.

Branding Guidelines

Looks are important, make sure you don’t lose yours

It only takes a minute to destroy your brand identity. We can spend weeks creating a look that will get you more business but if your logo ends up being used in the wrong way, your customers will get confused and disappear into the arms of the nearest competitor.

One-man bands might be able to make sure their corporate identity is being used properly at all times. However, a business with lots of employees in different offices can’t easily police how their corporate identity is used across the company without brand guidelines.

We won’t bore you with hundreds of rules. We’ll just give you enough information to make sure that whether they’re in Tokyo or New York, PR or HR, everyone in your organisation knows how to use your corporate identity in the way we intended.

The Verdict...

Although successful logos appear to be very simple visually, the process of creating a logo is quite the opposite. Designing a logo is a time-consuming project with many different phases of development required to produce a powerful final product. It is a collaborative process during which communication between the designer and the client is imperative. The investment is worth it, however – when the process is executed successfully, the resulting logo becomes a valuable asset for the company’s marketing efforts.

Company Branding

Show off your brand to your audience

Your brand is a representation of your organisation’s values and ambitions. It’s at the heart of all your visual communications and needs to perform effectively.

The cre8iv team creates and develops brands that speak clearly to your target market, placing you one step ahead of your competitors and increasing awareness desirability, and vitally, sales of your products or services.

Whether you need to rebrand or refine your existing identity, we can help you to increase your exposure to the market, launch new products and services, or reposition your brand to attract new types of customer to your organisation.

If you’re a start-up or new venture, we’ll provide you with a visual identity that allows you to compete with the established providers in your field



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